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Raccoons getting into your garbage?

Raccoons getting into your bird feeder?

Raccoons getting into your chimney?

Raccoons getting into your attic?

Raccoons tearing up your lawn?

Raccoons destroying your garden?

Raccoons living under your shed?

Raccoons killing your poultry or eating their eggs?


            These are a few of the more common raccoon conflicts that we see. The good news is Wildlife Specialties can help you with theses conflicts. The bad news is if you don’t correct these problems they may become larger problems. Problems such as Excessive property damage, Human and Pet health and safety from diseases and attacks and increased nuisance conflicts.


            Raccoons are very smart and are not easily deterred. Often times a determined raccoon will try multiple ways in an attempt to get what it wants. Raccoons are physically very strong and coupled with a unique ability to use their hands, gives the raccoon the ability to survive both in the wild and in the city. Click on the (Raccoon Biology) button to learn more about Raccoons.


            Raccoon conflicts can be become both a costly problem and a health problem. Raccoon are true Omnivores (eating both meat and plant). Lawn problems such as patches of sod being rolled up or torn could be raccoons looking for worms or grubs. Gardens are another source for food. Trash not properly secured. Getting into or damaging bird feeders. Are you or a neighbor feeding pets or animals outside? House problems become a more concern. Female raccoons will look for the best secure location to have their babies. Raccoons are excellent climbers and they will climb a tree, bush and even a gutter to get access to the roof. Once on the roof they will try to get into the attic through a dormer eave, soffit, and vent or chew right through the roof. They will even use the chimney. Raccoons will use the attic as a latrine, damaging the insulation and causing foul odors. Over time feces buildup will start seeping through sheetrock of the walls and ceiling of living quarters  becoming a real health risk to occupants. Click on the (Raccoon Disease) button for more information.


            Wildlife Specialties looks at all wildlife conflicts with a big picture. With this big picture we can diagnose and correct the conflict with a long-term solution. A complete home and property inspection gives us the clues and information to start putting the big picture together.  All wildlife has needs and ways to survive and sometimes these needs interfere with our human boundaries. With proper education and wildlife management we can coexist with wildlife in a more safe and tolerable environment.


Rest assure with our experience, training and knowledge of raccoons and wildlife, Wildlife Specialties will not finish a job until you are completely secure and satisfied that the conflict has been resolved.

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