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​  Got Bats?

Bat Inspection in attic.

(Cedar Rapids,Iowa)

Bat poop also called bat droppings or bat guano can often be identified by the the small silver-white flakes mixed in the droppings. This is caused by undigested insect parts such as the wings on a mosquito that has passed though the bat.



Bat Removal - Bat Exclusion

Wildlife Specialties makes Bat Removal simple. 

Step 1: Bat Inspection

We first start with a complete home and property inspection. This allows us to locate the entry point(s) the bats are using to get inside the structure.  We will identify what species of bat we are dealing with as well as the size of the infestation. During this process we will take pictures and record all findings. This allows us to give the property owner the true and accurate scope of the situation.

Step 2: Bat Removal and Exclusion

 Using our training and experience we first work on removing the bats from the structure(s). With the use of excluders and other bat control products we are able to allow the bats to exit the structure unharmed and unable to reenter. We like to give up to 2 weeks to make sure all the bats are out, making the structure is Bat FREE. During the time given for the bats to exit we will stay in contact with the property owner to insure all is gong to plan and the job will be successful.

Step 3: Structure Repair

With the structure Bat Free  we are now able to return and repair all opening that were allowing the bats to enter the structure. In some cases this will even help lower utility cost by sealing up drafty holes that allowed for example heat loss in the winter. Bat quano clean up and disinfecting is a option the property owner can choose to have us do.

Our process makes it fast, affordable, and permanent!